Strongside Competition 2016

Friday 10/21/2016 4:00pm to Sunday 10/23/2016 5:00pm


Mitchel Black

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9539 GA-92 #110
Woodstock, GA, 30188

Strongside Competition 2016
9539 GA-92 #110
Friday, Oct 21, 2016
From 4:00pm to 5:00pm

The Strongside Competition has two goals. Goal 1 is to find the fittest man and women in the area by offering the “Elite” division. Goal 2 is to create a fun atmosphere for those who like to compete for fun or if it’s your first competition by offering the Rx, Scaled, and Masters (40+) divisions. We also offer and Rx and Scale division for teams in effort to find the fittest team in the area (team = 2 men and 2 women)! Our goal is to grow the competition year after year to give the athletes the fun filled competition they deserve with a fantastic field of competition! We put our 100% into this competition and it is going to be AMAZING!! We work all year on this to make sure you have an amazing time as an athlete and that the spectators have blast watching! 

With that being said, we are also offering a kids division - “StrongTots”,  we are hosting our first Weightlifting meet, and we will be having an amazing Speed Clean Ladder event as well! The kids event, the Weightlifting meet, and the Speed Clean Ladder will all be happening on Friday night October 21st. The Strongside Competition will take place on Saturday and Sunday (October 22nd and 23rd) for Individuals and Teams. You will have the opportunity to register for 1, 2, or all 3 events during the weekend! You can pick and choose what competition you want to compete in and we want to make this a festival of fitness! 

Registration fee includes: 

  • T-Shirt
  • Medals for the top 3 in each division 
  • SWAG Bag
  • Extra SWAG bag for podium finishers 
  • The most fun you’ll ever have at a fitness competition! 

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Speed Clean Ladder Divisions include: Rx Men, Rx Women, Scaled Men, Scaled Women

Athletes will have 5 barbells to run thru each round. Each barbell will be progressively heavier (just like the games). Each round, the barbells will increase in weight (just like the games). Athletes will be able to advance to the next round by placing high enough in their heat, which means there will be cuts every heat. Those who participate in the top heat will run thru the barbells 4 times. Weights will be released closer to the time of the event. This must be a “squat clean” and the Rx and Scale weights will be relative to those listed for The Strongside Competition.

StrongTots Kids Divisions: Ages 4-7 and Ages 8-11

Each age division will compete in 2 WOD’s within 30min to find the StrongTots champion! 

Individual Divisions: Elite Men, Elite Women, Rx Men, Rx Women, Scaled Men, Scaled Women, Masters Men (40+) and Masters Women (40+). 

Individual and Team Competition is Saturday and Sunday. Everyone competes on Saturday and Sunday. You will do 3-4 events each day. 

Team Divisions: Rx Teams and Scaled Teams. Each team must have at least 2 women. Teams can include 3 and 4 women as well, but must have at least 2 per team. The first team member to register "Creates the team" during registration, and other members "Join the team" during registration.  

Individual and Team Competition is Saturday and Sunday. Everyone competes on Saturday and Sunday. You will do 3-4 events each day. 


Speed Clean Ladder - Friday Night

  • Rx: You need to be able to squat clean up to 275/185 or higher 
  • Scaled: You ned to be able to squat clean up to 225/155 or higher 

Individuals & Teams - Main Event (Saturday and Sunday) *At least 2 of the athletes on a team must be able to perform the listed movement .

Rx (Individuals & Teams) - Ideal for those who do the majority of workouts Rx. Top 5,000 in your region in The Open.  At least 2 of the athletes on a team must be able to perform the listed movement

  • C2B pull-ups 
  • HSPU 
  • TTB
  • 1RM Snatch 155/85
  • 1RM C&J 205/115
  • Fran - Sub 8min
  • Grace - Sub 5min 
  • Double Unders

Scaled (Individuals & Teams) - Ideal for those who do the majority of the workouts Scaled and want to have fun! Love to compete but enjoy the grind as well!  At least 2 of the athletes on a team must be able to perform the listed movement.

  • Wall Balls @ 20/14
  • Box Jumps @ 24/20
  • 1RM Deadlift 275/165
  • 1RM C&J 185/105
  • 10 unbroken OHS @ 95/65
  • Running

Masters - Ideal for those who do the majority of the workouts Scaled and want to have fun! Love to compete but enjoy the grind as well! 

  • Wall Balls @ 20/14
  • Box Jumps @ 24/20
  • 1RM Deadlift 275/165
  • 1RM C&J 185/105
  • 10 unbroken OHS @ 95/65
  • Running

All events are worth 100pts. The most amount of points wins. 


Event 1


For Time - No time cap

Run 5k 


For Time - No time cap

4x 1mile Relay 

*Each team member runs 1mile 

Event 2 


“Clean Ladder” 

Athletes will enter the ladder in conga-line format. You will enter with your divisions (times will be sent out before the comp) but there is no specifics on who enters first or last in your division.

Each athlete will have 1 minute to complete their lift. If you fail the attempt, you may go back as many times as you want within that 1 minute period. This may be a power or full clean. However, it must come from the ground, no hang cleans allowed. 

Tie breaker: Front Squats - If athletes tie by lifting the same weight, the tie breaker will be how many front squats that athlete does before setting the bar down. 

Men: 135,155,175,195,205,215,225,235,245,255,265,275,285

Women: 75,85,95,105,115,125,135,145,155,165,175,185

Rx, Scaled, Masters: All do the above 

Points available: 100 


For Reps 

2min at each stations, 2 partners at each station - Accomplish 2 rounds 

Cal on Assault bike 

Hang Power Clean 

Row For Calories 

American Kettle Bell Swings 

Rx: 155/105 on Hang Power Clean & 54/36lb on KBS

Scale: 115/75 on Hang Power Clean & 36/26lb on KBS

  • 2 athletes start on the Assault Bike and 2 athletes start on the Row 
  • Each station is a 2min AMRAP of the exercises at that station. Swap work at any time between the 2 athletes at the stations to accomplish as many reps as possible at each station. Every 2min you’ll rotate to the next station (you rotate to the next exercises on the list above). This is a 16min workouts and you’ll do everything twice. 

Event 3 

Individual & Team 


“Nowhere To Hide” 

For Time:

Row 50cal 

40 box jump over 

30 DL 

20 burpees over the bar 

30 DL 

40 box jump over 

Row 50cal 

Time Cap: 15min 

Rx: Box = 24/20 - must jump , DL = 185/125

Scaled: Row = 40cal, Box = 24/20 - step up is allowed, DL = 155/105

Masters: Box = 24/20 - must jump, DL = 185/125


“Nowhere To Hide” 

For Reps: 

1.) 4min AMRAP - 2 partners, any gender 

Partner 1 performs max reps burpee box jump over 

Partner 2 holds barbell locked out overhead allowing Partner 1 to perform work 

*Swap at any time, burpee box jump over count as reps 

2.) 4min to find a 1RM thruster from ground - 2 partners, any gender (this is going on while the above is going on. This is 2 separate scored events happening at the same time)

*Repeat once so you’re at each station twice 


It works like this: Partner 1&2 do the AMRAP for max burpees while partner 3&4 find the 1RM thruster from the ground. At the 4min mark, partner 1&2 go the thruster while partner 3&4 go to the AMRAP. You rotate thru this again for a total of 16min. Total burpee box jump over count for event 1, total weight counts for event 2 - this is two separate scores with 100pts available per event. 

How does the thruster work? 

Highest lift per 4min period, per person counts. Meaning there will be 8 scores added together, highest total wins. 

Rx: 135/95 for holding weight overhead & 24/20” box - must jump

Scaled: 115/75 for holding weight overhead & 20/20” box - stepping is allowed


Event 4 



For Time - 6 minute cap

34 Pull-Ups 

17 OHS @ 135/85


For Time - 7 minute cap

60 Wall Ball @ 20/14 & 10/9ft

30 Power Snatch @75/55


For Time - 20min Cap


Partner Deadlift

Bar Facing Burpees 


50 Pull-Ups 

Notes & Format

1. The deadlift video: 

2. The deadlift will be at 280lb for Rx and 255 for scale. If 2 women are on the bar, the weight will be dispersed evenly. If there is a M/F on the bar the Male side will have three 45’s & one 10 and the Female side will have two 45’s for Rx (all bars for this event are male bars). Scale will be two 45’s and a 25 on the male side and one 45 and one 25 on the female side 

3. For Rx: One partner holds their chin over the bar while the other partner performs pull-ups. Swap at any time until you and your parent perform 50 pull-ups as a pair.

For Scaled: 

100 Hand Release Push-Ups: One partner must hold in push-ups position while the other partner performs hand release push-ups 

4. Format: This is a relay format. The first 2 teammates go and perform all the work together before the other 2 teammates go and perform all the work. 

Event 5



8min AMRAP 

12 Chest To Bar Pull-Ups 

8 Hang Squat Clean @ 185/115

4 Jerk 


8min AMRAP 

20 Kettle Bell Swings (American) @ 53/36lb

10 Hang Squat Clean @ 155/85

5 Jerk 



9min AMRAP 

50 Double Under 

25 Synchronized Thrusters @ 95/65 


  • 2 partners start. Each partner must perform 50 DU before the thrusters 
  • For the thruster to count both athlete must be below parallel at the same time and must be lockout up top at the same time 
  • At the 9min mark, the other 2 athletes start and they go for 9min. They start with DU but their reps add together


For Time 

Accomplish 20 rounds of DT @ 135/85


  • Split work at any time - go kill it! 
  • Time cap: 18min 
  • DT

12 Deadlift 

9 Hang Power Clean 

6 Jerk 


Top 8 individuals and teams qualify - Events announced that day 

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