The Ripped Games 3

Sunday 06/05/2016
From 7:00am to 7:00pm


Scott Gruebele/CrossFit Ripped
954-680-7877 or 754-423-5117


Bergeron Rodeo Grounds 4271 Davie Rd
Davie, , 33314

The Ripped Games 3
Bergeron Rodeo Grounds 4271 Davie Rd
Sunday, Jun 05, 2016
From 7:00am to 7:00pm


Announcing our new location the Bergeron Rodeo Grounds!

The Bergeron Rodeo Grounds located at 4271 Davie Rd, Davie, FL 33314 is a 72,000 square foot covered arena with stadium style bleacher seating for over 4000 spectators, and complete with full concession stands, full indoor- air conditioned restroom facilities, and plenty of free parking.


The Ripped Games is a team competition with each team consisting of 2 athletes of either- Male/Male, Female/Female, or Co-Ed pairings. Teams will have the opportunity to compete in a Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced division, and new this time Masters (35+). Our first two events have been huge successes. Our format has been called “the best format for a competition I’ve ever competed in.” Come see why!


As box owners, programmers, and active competitors our vision was to create an old school, local community competition with straight forward & sensible programming that is easy to judge and will challenge athletes to be as well rounded as possible.

Our philosophy is to put our WODs out from day 1 and eliminate all of the suspense. We feel that at the local level, everyone should know what they are signing up for and have an equal opportunity to prepare for it. At the end of the day teams will still have to come out on game day and perform to see which team is fittest! Our commitment is to put on a well-organized, smooth, and on time event with competent, trained, and consistent judging to provide athletes with a level playing field.

Our format is completely different from any other format and is designed with the athlete in mind. Teams will compete in 4 WODs; 1 WOD every hour on the hour. Each WOD will have a different time priority, but will allow athletes to fully recover between WOD’s without having to sit around for 3 hours waiting for their next WOD. With this format teams go in knowing their day will be 4 hours long and they will know exactly what time they will begin competing and exactly what time they will end. Podiums for each division will be done shortly after the last heat for that division is completed, no waiting around until the end of the day!

NEW Paid Judges

Our community always steps up and we want to give back. In appreciation for the hard work of a judge, all judges will be paid for their day's work. 

Photography Package Offered

Competition photography will be provided by Sara Cantillo for those athletes who register PRIOR to the event. She will be the only photographer on the competition floor and will guarantee you at least 5 edited images delivered in a gallery on her website. The fee is $70 per team. Choose the appropriate ticket option when completing your registration. Check out her work at If you have any questions, please contact Sara Cantillo at

Event Day Spectator Fee

Adults: $10.00 at the door. Kids: 14 and under FREE.


Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and Masters (35+)

Notes for Masters (35+): If participating in the Masters Division, athletes must be 35 or older on the event date. 


See WODs tab. 

WOD 1- The Chipper 3.0

10 Minute AMRAP:

100 Double-Unders - Beginner: 200 Singles

80 Chest-to-Bar Pull-ups – Intermediate/Masters: Pull-ups, Beginner: Hand-Release Push-Ups

70 Wall Balls 20/14 – Beginner: 14/10

60 Toes-to-Bar - Beginner: 60 Knees to Midline

50 Hang Power Snatches – Advanced: 115/75, Intermediate/Masters: 95/55, Beginner: 75/35

NOTES: All reps can be broken up anyway the team likes.

WOD 1 Score: Total Reps Completed


WOD 2 & 3 – (2 Scores in this WOD)

2- Clean Complex

8 Minutes for each team member to find a max on the following complex:

Clean to Hang Clean to Front Squat to Shoulder to Overhead

NOTES: Bar cannot be dropped at any point in the complex. If bar is dropped there is no lift and the athlete must start the complex over. Clean and Hang Clean can be a power or squat. Front squat must be its own separate movement (even if hang clean is squatted). STOH can be a strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk and must be its own separate movement (no thruster from front squat). Teammates can go in any order they choose, and can start at any weight they choose. Can go up or down in weight and take as many attempts as they wish**

3- Max Box Jumps / Step-Ups

2 Minute AMRAP

At the 8 minute mark and for remaining 2 minutes teams will perform as many reps as possible of Box Jumps

Advanced: 30/24, Intermediate/Masters: 24/20, Beginner: Box Jumps or Step-ups 24/20

NOTES: Only 1 teammate can be working at a time. Co-Ed divisions will have 1 box and have to flip it as needed.

WOD 2 Score- Total Weight Lifted

WOD 3 Score- Total Reps Box Jumps/Step-Ups


WOD 4- Thrusters, Burpees & Swings

10 Minute AMRAP:

10 Thrusters - Advanced: 135/95, Intermediate: 115/75, Beginner: 95/55

10 Bar Facing Burpees (Over-the-bar)

10 KB Swings - Advanced: 70/55, Intermediate/Masters: 55/44, Beginner: 44/35

NOTES: Relay style WOD. One partner completes a full round then tags in partner 2.

WOD 4 Score- Total Reps Completed


WOD 5 & 6- Grunt Work (2 Scores in this WOD)

10 Minute AMRAP:

60 Yard Shuttle Sprint

20 Yard Zercher Fat Bar Lunge - Advanced: 115/95, Intermediate & Masters 95/75, Beginner: 75/55 *Coed Divisions will need to add and remove 1 plate as they rotate rounds

30 Yard Backward Sled Drag - Advanced: 180/135, Intermediate & Masters 135/90, Beginner: 90/45 * Coed Divisions will use the Women’s weight listed.**

NOTES: While partner 1 completes the above round, partner 2 will be rowing for calories. When partner 1 completes the round, partners will switch and partner 2 will complete the round while partner 1 rows. Partners will continue this for 10 Minutes.

WOD 5 Score- Total Rounds & Reps Completed (1 rep for each completed sprint and or drag)

WOD 6 Score- Total Calories Rowed